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Les Brown says: "Bet on you. Invest in You." 

Watch full Les Brown interview & course description.

Les Brown helps Dr. Herbert Harris launch the
Home Study Couse 101: "Should You be An Entrepreneur?"
Les' powerful comments and complete overview of the Course.

Should You Be An Entrepreneur?

Should You Become An Entrepreneur?

"Is it time to be your own boss?”

"Should You Be An Entrepreneur" Home Study Course


Three audios:
  1.  Why should become an entrepreneur?.
  2.  What it takes to be in your own business.
  3.  Skill set that for success as your own boss.
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Bonus Items:
  1. "Four Principles of Wealth Building" audio.
  2. "Wealth Building in Trying Times" audio
  3. "Twelve Universal Laws of Success Live Seminar" Audio
  4. "Twelve Affirmations To Live By" poster

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