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Become a co-author of Success Commentaries:

A new book compiled by Dr. Herbert Harris, consisting of 

* letters, 
* testimonials, 
* commentaries, 
* stories 

of readers who used the information contained in the 
Twelve Universal Laws of Succes 
to create their own success and transform their lives.

Each participant in the Success Commentaries will be 
encouraged to tell their story and share how they used 
the information in 
The Twelve Universal Laws of Success 
to create success, 
increase their income, 
and transform their lives.

Each Participant/Co-Author receives:

* A submission of up to 1,000 words describing their
  experience using The Twelve Universal Laws of Success.

* A photo, bio, and contact information with the commentary.

* A photo included on the back cover of the book.

How to become a Participant/Co-Author:

1. Pay one-time participation fee of $497

2. Schedule Zoom/Telephone interview with 
Dr. Herbert Harris

3. Based on the interview, participant will be invited 
to submit initial draft, or receive refund.

4. Submit final draft to Dr. Harris and editors.

5. If final draft is not selected for inclusion in the 
Success Commentaries, participation amount
will be refunded.

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Success Commentaries
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