The Success Mentorship Network

The Success Mentorship Network
Goal of the Success Mentorship Network 

To provide a supportive, interactive environment for members to 
learn, practice and master success principles and share their 
ideas, challenges, victories and lessons that facilitate growth, 
transformation and accomplishment.
Levels of Membership in the Success Mentorship Network:

1. Bronze Membership ($5/mo) NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Bronze members can participate in our Weekly Success Mentorship 
Class: an online Zoom presentation each Saturday morning at 
8:00AM - 8:30AM (EST). The is a live discussion after each 
class where members are encouraged to ask questions 
and/or share their victories and lessons. 

Upon joining, each Bronze Member receives a 
Free Bonus Download: 
"Four Principles of Wealth Building" audio, 
"Twelve Affirmations To Live By" poster, and 
"Setting & Achieving Your Goals" Booklet.

2. Silver Membership Level ($15.00/month)
In addition to the Benefits of the Bronze Membership
Silver Members receive access to the audio, video 
and  lesson sheet of each Weekly Mentorship Class 
for review and study.

3. Gold Membership Level ($30.00/month)

In addition to the Benefits of the Silver Membership
Gold Members receive access to the Millionaire Mentorship 
and Success Mentorship Vault of audios, videos and lesson 
sheets of prior and current classes and/or calls PLUS 
access to live, online Success Mastermind Group 
Sessions (2 Session/month). 

Dr. Harris and the success team facilitate Success Mentorship 
Mastermind Sessions that provide a supportive, interactive 
environment for Gold Success Members and above to share 
their ideas, challenges, victories and lessons that facilitate 
growth and transformation. 

4. Platinum Membership Level ($100.00/month)

In addition to the Benefits of the Gold Membership, 
Platinum Members receive access to Dr. Herbert Harris 
for One Monthly, 30 to 45 minute, one-on-one Personal 
Success Mentoring Session by Zoom, Face Time, or Telephone.

In addition, Platinum Members may join Dr. Harris as 
"Contributing Authors" to his New Book Project - 
"Overcoming The Challenges Of Life"
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