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Class 9: Prospecting
By: Elite Pro 8 Dr. Herbert Harris

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Elite Pro 8 Dr. Herbert Harris
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Twelve Affirmations To Live By

By Herbert Harris, Jr.


1. I Have A Positive Self Image.

2. I Believe In Myself.

3. I Define My Purpose For Living.

4. I Think Positively With Understanding And Faith

That I Can Realize My Purpose.

5. I Constantly Visualize My Purpose,

Seeing It Clearly In My Mind.

6. I Always Focus On The Positive.

7. I Have Confidence And Courage

To Be Inner-Directed.

8. I Have Control Of My Mind, My Body,

My Instincts, And My Emotions.

9. I Always Do It Now.

10. I Have A Plan For My Success.

11. I Persist In My Efforts, With Unshakable Faith In My Own Ability.

12. I Execute My Plan And Produce Desired Results.



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From The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, 2nd Edition


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